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You’re not attracted to fat people?

Excuse me? You’re being fatphobic.

You’re catering to a patriarchal beauty standard of what women’s bodies should look like. You have to unlearn your subconscious bias and realize that all bodies are good bodies. Big is beautiful.

Stop invalidating fat people.

You’re not attracted to trans people?

Well, that’s transphobic.

You’re propagating the stereotypes of heteronormativity…

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I am all for casual dating.

But it seems that my definition of “casual dating” is completely different from the way it is practiced by modern society.

To me, casual dating is getting to know a potential partner by intentionally spending time together (ideally, one on one).

You can “casually date” a friend, classmate, colleague, or…

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Men often say that they prefer women who “don’t wear makeup.” But is this actually true?

I would argue that it is — and isn’t.

Men’s gripe with makeup can be boiled down to a few components.

One, it can often be thought of as “false advertising” where a woman uses makeup to drastically change her appearance.

This is where jokes like “take her swimming on the first date” come from.

The idea here is that some women might use makeup to…

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There’s a common misconception that couples who are “truly in love” never fight. They are blissfully enamored with one another, with affection pouring out of their eyes and lips at all times.

I have to call bull.

Couples who are truly in love do fight. …

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Financially successful women in their late 30s and 40s often struggle in the dating scene.

Although some women deeply desire a life partner, many just can’t seem to find someone to settle down with long-term.

A common argument as to why this might be is because men are “intimidated by their careers.”

Men feel inferior if a woman makes more money than they do.


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I think a lot.

Probably way too much, on most days.

Throughout high school and college, this had its benefits academically. In my personal life, it has some benefits, too. When having deeper, “intellectual” conversations, the ability to think is important.

But when battling unpleasant emotions or dealing with certain life challenges, thinking too…

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1. Medium isn’t a diary.

When I first joined Medium, I thought it was almost a personal blog type of website. I had initially intended to use Medium as an outlet for my “thought spirals” and other recurring anxieties about my relationships, friendships, and life in general.

But over time, I realized that ramblings without…

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